Some contemporary models within society are based around desire. But not the desirable being wanted; rather, the audience wanting to be loved: hence the fee. People who are paid to pretend to love somebody, by appearing to imbue desire through certain impressions given and appearances witnessed, imply a want for love. However I believe the audience, who pay a fee to these people are the ones who desire love. The people in occupation are paid to give it, and this denotes a need rather than a want, because in modern society a job and being paid can be considered a need.

One example of this model is shown by prostitutes in The Red Light District in Amsterdam. If we assume that Prostitutes are in a job, then they are being paid to love somebody on another level. Giving love, touching skin, holding hands, touching a body, sexual contact, physical comfort, flattering conversation and allowing sex to be a hollow act. Perhaps prostitutes encourage lust and desire to make money or maybe desire comes before promotion, as sex and the body are already desirable assets.

Prostitution within the Red Light District is associated with red neon lights. The setting is modified by the attractive, unusual aesthetic addition of the lights representing vacancy or ‘in service’, whilst encouraging desire for an audience. The change in colour distinguishes the pure atmosphere from the carnal atmosphere enhancing the desire present from the numerous naked women on ‘public’ display.

An Encounter On Oudezijps Wal

Having been seduced by the alluring confrontation of the red lights. I enter in.

Stood somewhere in-between a hairdresser’s and tattoo parlor’s waiting room. Clinical horror, but a facaded romance presented. A deal is made. I move past my secure checkpoint where I am only a step from the door and a door away from the street. Onwards down to the room where sights of lust and attraction are more pronounced and more sexual, instinctual forms of desire are presented. Constantly aware that I am part of this scene. My decisions and actions could alter and form this atmosphere. I have made the choice to put myself into the atmosphere and on this unique occasion I should be represented due to having a more involved personal connection. What does one desire, the idea of being loved or the physical lust from only appearance? Is it the idea of sex, love, or just the aesthetic attraction?

A deep blue ribbon of light, black leather crumpled on the floor. The hospital like room, where strict rules apply: if I want to stay I have to keep saying love me. 

She lays down. Now on her bed, her eyes show foil and smack. How can you move around town, when high grade is all of your life. Is it to the bar or back to the mattress? “What do you want.”

Oh please love me.

Certain people appear to express ‘love me’, they give a specific image and seem to suggest that they want to be loved, because of how they act and appear. However, I believe the audience wants desirable things; it is not the people who imbue desire wanting, even if it seems that way.

It is an audience saying love me, to people who are appearing to suggest the notion love me.