Await What The Lights Will Bring

The moment of the curtain rise. The sunlight departing, leaving the atmosphere, which is created by the nearing absence of daylight. This body of paintings focuses on how Romantic qualities of the landscape can be accompanied, altered and intensified by human interaction.

Lights, which are practical and necessary are also used to create contemporary aesthetic beauty.  The fact that this phenomena can be and is, turned on and off with a switch: surely lends to the fact that the Red Light District is somewhere that has been created through desire to enable further desire. Yet the by-product is such a magical, sublime, Romantic atmosphere. The lights can be explored in depth, beyond appearance and beyond the impact they have.

Their purpose makes the subject of the paintings more interesting. The lights give a human attachment which allows for more than an atmosphere: enabling human representation. However the anonymity the paintings hold, keeps the presence of the human and the figure subtle. Void streets. Faceless figures. Vapours on beds. Empty doorways. Throughout all the paintings, the presence of the human is dampened by the overpowering natural atmosphere, the veils of paint come to the forefront and a dazed uncertainty is created. The paintings question where the responsibility lies for the alterations that the atmosphere undergoes.

The paintings, although atmospheric, are stark, vibrant and alluring; combining carnal detail with domestic and industrial structures. Triggers, small parts of representation and approachable detail, are fused with atmospheres of subtle ambiguousness. This body of work is not about creating a space in which an audience can be reminiscent of; it is about offering clues to a world where there are humans rising to industrialism and man made desire and how this is balanced with the Romantic nature of the world. The scale and semi shiny quality of some of the surfaces suggest the theatrical; the paintings attaining the same grounded uncertainty, that comes from a theatre setting. Every reality becomes questionable and every facade becomes acceptable and what is left is a performance on a stage, where the backdrops seem real and performers appear wanting to be loved.

The audience await the curtain rise and to bare witness to what the lights will will bring.